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Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

As part of our commitment to ensuring that people with a disability have the same access and inclusion as others in all areas of Treasury's business and operations, a new Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2018‑2022 was developed which incorporates the Government's seven desires outcomes.

The plan was developed by an internal DAIP working group with consultation sought from internal and external stakeholders. The DAIP includes improvement strategies for Treasury which focus on ensuring people have equal access to employment, training and development, products and services, premises, communication and information technology.

2018‑2022 - Our Commitment to Access and Inclusion

People with disability have the same opportunities as other people to access the services of and any events organised by a public authority;

People with disability have the same opportunities as other people to access the buildings and other facilities of a public authority;

People with disability receive information from a public authority in a format that will enable them to access the information as readily as other people are able to access it;

People with disability receive the same level and quality of service from the staff of a public authority as other people receive from the staff of that public authority;

People with disability have the same opportunities as other people to make complaints to a public authority;

People with disability have the same opportunities as other people to participate in any public consultation by a public authority; and

People with disability have the same opportunities as other people to obtain and maintain employment with a public authority.

Our Executive Team

Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes
BBus (Hons)

Under Treasurer

Michael is the principal economic and financial adviser to the State Government, with statutory responsibilities for the management and reporting of the State’s finances, including formulation of the annual State Budget.

As Under Treasurer, he is also responsible for leading the Western Australian Department of Treasury.

Born and raised in Perth, Michael moved to Canberra after graduating from university to take up a position in the Commonwealth Treasury, where he worked for nearly six years, mainly in the area of taxation policy.

Michael returned to Perth in late 1997 and has been working at the State Treasury ever since, in various roles spanning revenue policy, economic and revenue forecasting, Commonwealth‑State financial relations, fiscal strategy, and whole‑of‑government financial reporting.

Michael commenced acting in the role of Under Treasurer in February 2014 and was officially appointed to the role in April 2015. As Under Treasurer, he is also Chairman of the Western Australian Treasury Corporation, which is the State’s central borrowing authority.

Michael Court

Michael Court
BEcons (Hons)

Deputy Under Treasurer

Michael was permanently appointed Deputy Under Treasurer in September 2016 after having acted in the role since February 2014. This followed more than five years as the Executive Director of Treasury’s Economic business unit.

In his role, Michael assists the Under Treasurer in the management of Treasury, with a primary focus on whole-of-government budget management and fiscal strategy and other priority strategic issues. Michael is also responsible for Treasury’s corporate service functions and providing advice and strategic direction on public sector reform issues.

Michael joined Treasury in 1997, after working in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Commonwealth Treasury.

During 2018‑19, Michael has led and participated in several cross‑agency steering committees and is Deputy Chair of the Western Australian Treasury Corporation Board.

Alistair Jones

Alistair Jones
BCom, MComms
Executive Director


Alistair is the Executive Director of the Economic Business Unit. He was previously the Executive Director Strategic Policy and Evaluation since June 2012.

Alistair works closely with other Government agencies through a series of cross‑agency committees and working groups on a number of Government reforms and major projects. He actively champions the use of data analytics to deliver innovative policy outcomes.

Alistair joined Treasury in 2008 having previously worked in the Commonwealth public sector, local government and the private sector in a number of policy and communication roles.

Richard Watson

Richard Watson
BEcons (Hons), M.Phil.
Executive Director

Infrastructure and Finance

Richard is the Executive Director of Infrastructure and Finance, having commenced this role in July 2018. Prior to this, he had been the Executive Director of Treasury’s Economic Business Unit since May 2014.

This role is responsible for the oversight and governance of Government Trading Enterprises, supporting the State’s financial management framework, legislative and accounting standards advice, and Treasury’s provision of support for the budgeting needs of over 100 general government agencies.

During 2018‑19, Richard was a Director of Gold Corporation and was appointed as a Director on the Board of Synergy in May.

Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews
A/Executive Director

Strategic Policy and Evaluation

Michael Andrews is the Acting Executive Director of Strategic Policy and Evaluation, having commenced in this role in February 2019.

Michael and his team oversee around three‑quarters of all general government spending in Western Australia, they are responsible for achieving value for money outcomes through their financial and social policy advice on key service delivery areas of State Government agencies.

Since joining Treasury in 2007, Michael has worked across a number of business units in senior positions and continues to represent Treasury on a series of cross‑agency committees and working groups that oversee Government reforms and major projects.

Michael also actively promotes the use of data analytics, evaluation and service redesign to deliver innovative policy outcomes.

Zaeen Khan

Zaeen Khan
Executive Director

Public Utilities Office

Zaeen was appointed as the Executive Director of the Public Utilities Office in November 2017. The Public Utilities Office provides advice to the Minister for Energy on all aspects of energy policy. Zaeen also holds the statutory position of Coordinator of Energy and is responsible for the State’s emergency management response to disruptions in gas, liquid fuels and electricity supply.

Zaeen has over 15 years of experience in providing economic and regulatory advice to national energy market policy and regulatory bodies, State Governments and economic regulators in Australia. Since joining the Public Utilities Office in 2014, Zaeen has been involved in advising the Western Australian Government on energy policy priorities and the implementation of reforms to manage the rapidly transitioning energy sector.

Zaeen is a member of the Western Australian Government’s Energy Transformation Taskforce, the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council’s Senior Committee of Officials, the Western Australian Planning Commission’s Infrastructure Coordinating Committee and was the Chair of the Wholesale Electricity Market Reform Coordination Committee.

Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan
BA (Hons), BLaws
Program Director

Energy Transformation Implementation Unit

Kate was appointed Program Director of the newly established Energy Transformation Implementation Unit in May 2019.

Kate is an energy sector professional with extensive experience in energy sector policy, reform, regulation and market design.

Prior to her appointment as Program Director, Kate held the role of Specialist Markets with the Public Utilities Office. She has also held senior executive roles in government and energy market institutions, including the former Independent Market Operator in Western Australia and Queensland Government energy agencies.

Treasury Treasures

Our Treasury Forums provide the opportunity to recognise staff who have displayed outstanding delivery of Treasury's Values. Staff are nominated by peers, and Executive make a final decision based on the nominations. The recognition targets staff who may have provided exceptional standards, performed beyond the call of duty and pushed themselves outside their comfort zone. During 2018‑19 the following staff were awarded a Treasury Treasure:

Jelena Opacic, Kylie Dalling, Kirsty Laurie, Alex Scherini, Anita Zuvela, Mark Spencer, Michael Schipp, Hew Mortlock, Nicole Eastough, and Rebecca Gale (those in photo from left to right).

Alyce Mullen, Peter Cox, Annette Long, Jennifer Bishop, Chris McKay, Helen Ensikat, Jessica Folan, Bruce Horwood, Jake Prendergast (those absent from photo).

Treasury Treasures Treasury Treasures